Spec Ad: Kaspersky Anti-Virus



Great product Kaspersky but no one is going to know how great you are. No one is going to read this long-winded paragraph. Let’s strip it down to something¬†that will actually be read. No fluff. A quick and persuasive read with no information lost.



Professionalism and Dedication. The market leader in antivirus protection.

A decorated pioneer in the antivirus industry, Kaspersky is praised by research centers and IT publications worldwide. Tested and proven by millions. Trusted by all.

Three things Kaspersky Antivirus can guarantee you:

  • It detects all viruses, polymorphic or macro.
  • Terminates viruses before they affect you.
  • Stays up to date, protecting you even from the newest of threats.

Our new-generation heuristic analyzer will detect and kill any virus before it even becomes harmful. Just ask Linux, Unix or NetWare.

Is your personal information safe? The world has spoken. You can rest easy with Kaspersky.

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