About Bert Shields

I’m Robert. Happy to have you! Here’s a quick run down of what I do:

What is Bert Shields Copywriting?

Philosophy major gone freelance copywriter… I founded Bert Shields Copywriting just 1 week after graduating, and I haven’t looked back since. This is the product so far.

You could say it’s half 1-man copywriting agency, half copywriter training.

And, if you click that Work With Bert button, you’ll find my mission: to make you 10x your investment in one month. An ambitious goal, I’m aware, but copy is fun, so why not aim high and write hard?

Mine is a relatively broad niche, but so far I’ve found myself enjoying book and course sales. Mostly affiliate products to date… But you can apply here. If your idea looks profitable, we’ll get to know each other over a free 30-minute call. And, if we decide to do business, I’ll tell you how to get 60% off my services… Results guaranteed or your money back, obviously.

Just here for education?

You’ll find a 5-chapter crash course here, and a free, 37-page, copy cheat sheet here. Download that cheat sheet and you’ll receive weekly insight letters as well… And exclusive access to The “Life or Death” Copywriting Collective.

Whether you’re here for business or training, welcome.