Ch. 5 of 5: The Conversion Machine And a 300% Increase in ROI Overnight

Dear LDCC Comrade,

So, we’ve made it.
DAY 5 of your 5 day initiation into the LDCC.
It’s been an honor.

Want to build the funnel that changes everything?

I hope so.

If any of this information seems overwhelming…
Know that it was for me too.
I am NOT we web developer.

There are programs that will hold your hand through the process.
Mine costs 97/month.

If you don’t have that, you can do it for free using Mailchimp and YouTube tutorials.
(I did this too.)

Let’s get into it.

We have a lot to study and even more to practice.


This lesson assumes you have read and taken notes on day 4.
Please review if your memory is clouded.

A sales funnel is essentially this:
An ascending value ladder.

As customer spends money, he/she is offered opportunities to spend more money.
And, in return, get more value.

So. Let’s highlight the steps.
We can go into detail below.


  • Facebook or Google Adwords.
  • Grabs attention of target audience.
  • Makes a promise. Free product (lead magnet).
  • Gets audience to click.

Squeeze page:

  • Collects email address in exchange for value.
  • Lead magnet is just the promise of that free value.
  • Info report, beginner’s course, webinar seat, etc.


  • Dual-purpose confirmation page.
  • Offers more value in exchange for money.
  • Must be related to the squeeze page promise.
  • Shouldn’t be too expensive.
  • E-book, full course, product, etc.


  • Another dual-purpose confirmation page.
  • More value. A lot of money.
  • Must be related to both preceding offers.
  • Won’t get many sales, but you should get a few.
  • Master courses, in-person consultations, your services, etc.

Email sequence:

  • Build relationships with people in each stage of your funnel.
  • Tailor emails to prospects with respect to where they are in your funnel.
  • Squeeze leads shouldn’t get the same emails as master course students.
  • End goal: Advance prospects further down the funnel.

This is a rough outline.
You CAN have more steps but keep it simple.

Let’s go into detail.


They should be refined and concise.
Don’t bore your audience or force them to linger.

People click out of desire or intrigue.

Remember the audience you’re targeting.
You’ll piss people off if the ad isn’t tailored perfectly to their interests.

At the moment…
I’m offering lead generation to HVAC companies in GA and SC.

While most heating and air companies offer a variety of services…
The ads I make ONLY offer AC repair.

Its hot as hell in the south east right now…
So people are googling AC repair all the time.
(For this reason I’m using Adwords instead of Facebook.)

The point of sharing this is to bring attention to how refined these ads are.

I ONLY advertise AC repair.
And the ads ONLY show up for people googling AC repair.

In the ad… I make it clear what separates our offer from the rest.
(USP – unique sales position).

If you want to attract clicks, you have to stand out.
Tell them something that excites or intrigues.

If you’re marketing a chiropractic service…
Offer a free 15-minute massage.

Offering an e-book on digital marketing?
“Quit your 9-5 and make 10k/month from a beach” should work.

Cliché, but you get the point.

Finally, limit your keywords. REFINE.

If you’re generating leads using a million keywords…
You’ll never know which ones are performing well.

If you can’t decide which keywords to use, split test them.
Invest $10/day on each set of keywords.

When you find a winner, scale up.


  • Use video if you’re advertising on Facebook.
  • Use Facebook if your target audience is on Facebook.
    • Aspiring entrepreneurs, impulsive buyers, etc.
  • Use google if the service you’re marketing is commonly googled.
    • Plumbers, personal injury lawyers, lawn care, etc (emergency services).

Squeeze Page

Keep it simple.

A SHORT video (if one at all)…
A couple testimonials and a few lines of copy.

You’ve got their attention. Don’t lose it.
Just get their email.

Here’s an example from Leadpages:


An email form pops up when they hit the button.

This page is almost TOO simple.
But it SHOULD be simple nonetheless.

Send whatever promise you made as a download on the confirmation page…
Or by email.

The squeeze page should be such that it intrigues those who are on the fence
Without losing those who are already sold.

The #1 piece of advice I have for you here is this:

Make the lead magnet as attractive as possible.
Visually and practically.

If it’s a downloadable report…
Give it a title and graphic that screams “informative as f***.”

The magnet should be so attractive…
That the prospect would feel bad for giving you even their secondary email.

It should feel like a steal.
And it SHOULD BE a steal.


You sometimes make the offer on the confirmation page.
Sometimes by email.

Always follow this rule of thumb:

You should qualify buyers IMMEDIATELY after qualifying leads.

What does this mean?

It means you’ve already got the prospect saying “yes” by opting in.
You should ask them to say “yes” again…
While the dopamine is still coursing through their veins.

Get them to spend money while they’re still “in heat,” as some say.
Don’t loosen the tension.

Remember though…
The purpose of the offer is NOT to make money.
The purpose of the offer is to LEARN who HAS money.

You market to spender differently…
And hopefully they decide to further the relationship later on.

Depending on the financial standing of your dream customer…
The offer should be between $5 and $100.

While these numbers aren’t fixed…
You should never ask for too much too soon.

Do that and you risk losing an opportunity to qualify buyers.

A common mistake here is this:
To create an offer that doesn’t compliment the lead magnet.

My offer, for example, is a MASSIVE discount on my copywriting services…
In exchange for a low monthly rate.

Because some people just don’t have the time to learn copywriting…
It qualifies buyers AND compliments the course.

The upsell then… is my actual services.


The purpose of the upsell is NOT to make a sale…
(Although high-ticket sales are sweet).

The purpose of an upsell…
Is to provide more value than you could for the price of the initial offer.

No matter where your customers are in the funnel…
They should feel that you are trying to maintain a relationship.
… One of reciprocity.

The relationship doesn’t just end after they’ve bought your most expensive product.

Consider a businessman I admire for example… Anik Singal.

Anik conducts webinars and records them.
He then allows you to “reserve a seat” for free.

Note: He also has a book called The Circle of Profit.
I’m on my 3rd read-through.
Highly recommend if you’re starting an online business from scratch.

The offer… found at the end of the webinar (and at the end of his book)…
Is to enter his Lurn Insider school.
It’s 21 days of step-by-step guidance… for $5.

He teaches you how to make thousands per month as an affiliate.

The upsell is the opportunity to go and work with him, and his coaches, in person.
They help build your digital publishing business from scratch.

God only knows how much this service goes for.
I’m assuming 5 grand at least.

This is a brilliant upsell because it brings his clients closer.
It breeds mutual trust.

In fact.
In the long run… many of these people even end up working for him.

Very few of your prospects will reach the upsell… Never mind buy it.
But those that do? They’re responsible for the majority of your revenue.
AND the relationship should bring you BOTH considerable value.

Email Sequence

Other than the ad, this is the most important step in your funnel.

It’s how you develop relationships.

As a rule of thumb…
You should be giving away WAY more value than that which you’re selling.

We live in a world of interactive marketing.
You have to build trust with your prospects and clients.

Make your emails either entertaining or informative.
But the ONLY goal is to provide your readers with value.

In my weekly insight letters for instance…
I take whatever I’ve learned in the past week… regarding copywriting and digital marketing…
And I forward it to you. For free.

Lead generation for my HVAC clients?
They get a WEEK of free google advertisement before I even HINT at the idea of charging.

Your emails should be such that your prospects and clients look forward to opening them.

Sure, the end goal is to advance them down your funnel… and provide yet more value.
BUT. Do not make the impression that you are trying to sell them on something.

Give away value… only mention BRIEFLY (at the end) that you have more to offer.

SO. All in all…
The purpose of your funnel is NOT to make sales.
The purpose is to create a relationship of reciprocal ascending value.
The money will fall into your lap if you follow this rule.


While this is the final day of your crash course…
I hope it is not the final day of our relationship.

Before I give you your last homework assignment…
I want to thank you for investing your time in this course.
I know I had fun writing it.

Some resources I recommend:

>> Dotcom Secrets by Russel Brunson.
I know some of y’all are probably annoyed with his ads.
But this book is GREAT.
It shows you step-by-step how to create effective funnels.
This is the only book I picked up when I first started getting into funnels.

>> The Circle of Profit by Anik Singal.
Again, I’m reading it for the 2nd time now.
It tells you exactly how Anik went from $100 to $120 MILLION.
It gets into the importance of email lists and how to use them profitably.

>> Some sort of funnel building software.
Check out Unbouce, Leadpages and Clickfunnels.
There are others but these are the ones with which I’m most familiar.
Compare cost to features before making a decision.
Clickfunnels is absurdly expensive. I use Leadpages‘ middle package.

>> Mailchimp.
There are other list building resources, but this is the only one I use.
They haven’t let me down yet. And its free for your first 2000 subscribers.
It can ALSO be used as a funnel builder if you’re on a tight budget.
I highly recommend one of the above 3 though.

Now. Your assignment:

>> Read the two books above and study all the books mentioned in this course.
The weekend I discovered copywriting, I spent $300 on books.
I’ve mentioned most of them here.
Invest in them.

>> Practice!
Go back to day 4 and review the section on practice.
If you don’t practice, you will never be ready to apply what you have learned.
Remember. 10 hours of dedicated study. 20 hours of dedicated practice.
Follow that rule and you will be ready to charge a lot for your services.

>> Offer some free value.
Go be active on Warrior Forum. Or any copywriting/digital marketing community.
If you’re not yet ready to charge, at least offer some local businesses a free trial.
This is good practice.
And, if you make them money, they will pay you.

>> Discover your niche.
This comes with time.
My niche has changed a number of times and I am always refining it.
Operating in a certain niche narrows the field of competition…
And you will establish yourself as an expert in the field sooner.

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