What Is Copywriting? And Why Is It The #1 Skill In Business?

What does the word ‘success’ mean to you?

Financial freedom? Influence? A lucrative business? Constructive relationships, perhaps?

Short story:

14 years ago… a mentor of mine discovered a “secret.”

He was a struggling entrepreneur. Just like you and me. Hungry as hell. Just like you and me. So he studied… damn hard. Like a grad student on Adderall.

He read everything he could. And listened to smart people. He practiced. And no one could break his ambition

And, well, one day his mentor said something changes his life forever. And and you better believe he took the advice.

He applied it.

Now, 14 years… and a couple hundred million later…. This fella owns an empire. And he attributes ALL his success to the skill his mentor taught him.

The $1,000,000 skill

You could probably guess… that skill is copywriting.

Written persuasion… The art of taking a business concept and wording it in a way that inspires action.

Of course you’re probably asking… “How can someone attribute all their success to just one thing?”

Well, because that was 14 years ago… Time has passed, and things are different.

Copywriting is 100x more powerful today than it was in 2004.


The world of marketing is changing

  • Things are moving faster.

Our world is invisible… Everything is electronic. To be everywhere at once is no longer a super power…

At least, if it is, everyone has it.

You can do business in 1,000,000 places at once.

These days? distance is nonexistent…

  • Remote communication… effortless.

Ideas can reach the other side of the world in an instant. No need for offices. No need for commutes…

But, what does this mean for an entrepreneur like yourself?

Well, it means…

  • You can reach any target audience in a matter of seconds.

No more list brokers. No more billboards. No more telemarketers…

How? Quick question:

Have you ever heard of telekinesis? (The magical power of influencing objects from a distance…)

You know… the ability to move things without actually touching them? Maybe you’re not so nerdy, haha. My mistake.

Well, you know where I’m going with this…

You have the magical power of telekinesis. Your money is just one email… one Facebook ad… one click… away. Today, you can build an empire from your couch.

No matter where you are physically, prospects are in reach. Their dollars are in reach.


No matter how effortlessly you can reach potential clients, you have to be able to persuade them…

You have to learn copy


Every day, another skill becomes automated. This is the downside to living in the electronic age…

If you’re going to interact with millions worldwide (at the click of one button), you’re gonna need some robots. Otherwise, mass communication is impossible.

And, every skill that becomes automated… becomes obsolete.

But this is a good thing for people like us… People who learn how to write copy. The MIT grads have given this opportunity to us on a golden platter.

Entire web pages, just like this one, can be built in minutes. By a novice.

Hell… you can even personalize bulk emails now. Automatically…

The platform I use?

Just type “VAR_FIRST_NAME” wherever you want to address someone personally. This alone makes an entire profession… albeit a monotonous one… obsolete.

All that’s left is our ability to write persuasively

Let me tell you about the decision I had to make a couple months ago…

There’s a well-established marketing agency in California, and I considered applying.

They had 31 openings…

How badly do you think they needed people with our skill set? How many (of those 31) openings… were copywriting positions?

I’ll just tell you… The answer is 13!

And, why haven’t they been filled, you ask?

  1. Few people even know what copywriting is.

… Never mind possess the skill.

  1. Most of whom do have the skill, have their own business.

(Although this is not a requirement.)

  1. They can’t offer a high enough salary…

Can you hear the pleading? Rhetorical.

Now, maybe you’ve just heard the word ‘copywriter’ for the first time, and you’re here to learn what the hell we do…

Maybe you’re not a writer at all…

But, before you say, “ohhh I can’t write… I’ve never been good at it.”


You see…

Not too long ago, I couldn’t write to save a fish from drowning.

In fact, I was placed in an “assisted learning” course for people who were borderline illiterate. Yeah… that class for us “handicapped” children.

Well, at the time, my thing was math. Not writing.

But my folks… bless their souls… somehow convinced the school not to hold me back. Thanks guys. I owe ya one.

And the salesmanship gene... MOST useful.

But let’s continue.

So… The oldest 4th grader in town. That would’ve been dope at the time. Maybe it would’ve mitigated my social impotence…

But I had a different calling… and that calling was in “assisted learning.”

Now, do you think I settled for Ms. Ketterhagen’s insulting assessment of my English skills?

Hell no. I grabbed English by the cajones, and I learned.

Fast forward 14 years? I can now say this with confidence… I’d crush that 4th grade exam.

So, what are you going to do with this inspiring story?

I’ll tell you what.

You’re going to grab copy by the cajones…

You’re gonna click the button at the bottom of this article, and read through my 5-chapter crash course. It’s free.

We’re gonna show Ms. Ketterhagen we’re ready for 5th grade English.

I’ll make this promise to you now…

Follow every step of my free crash course, and you’ll be selling 3D glasses to blind men. And socks to hippies.

…Or at least you’ll write decent copy.

But that’s enough of that…

Copywriting… the #1 skill in business

Why am I insisting so heavily?

Because if you want to be successful in business today, you must write effective copy. It’s what separates a million-dollar launch from a flop.

Now… let’s be real.

In today’s fast-paced economy, no one wants to take the time to write.

Writing sucks. It’s true…

But I ask you… please take the time.

I can’t stress this enough: Pitching a product without a copywriter is like pitching a tent without poles.

Or if camping isn’t your thing… “You could be pitching the cure to cancer. But without well-written copy… you may as well be pitching hay” – yours truly.

If you can’t take the time to learn copywriting, please find someone who can. An email list and a bad-ass product just isn’t enough.

Get this:

It’s 7 am and I’m sitting here at my desk… Probably need to get some sleep.

Anyway, there’s a webinar paused on my screen. The fella at the front of the room is doing $20 million yearly.

And, do you want to know what’s on the whiteboard behind him… in 200 point font?

“#1 Secret to my $120 Million in Sales… COPYWRITING.”

You’ll hear more about this guy in our crash-course…

I really want you to join me. Please, take the time… Be the difference between a flop and a million-dollar launch.

There are ways to write copy efficiently, and I’ll give them to you…

A quick example of some not-so-shitty copy

Let’s take a look at a quick example of what copywriting looks like!



Several things jumped out at me from this page:

  1. No application of marketing psychology.
  2. Unnecessary emboldening of text.
  3. “Rental rates effective…” outdated and superfluous.
  4. Lacks flow.
  5. Fails to grab attention.

Elaborating, the copy lacks general readability and persuasiveness.

A potential customer isn’t typically interested in browsing an entire site before making a decision; the majority of visitors will read maybe a paragraph of the home page, glance at a few pictures, and immediately make his or her way to the pricing section.

So, what are we gonna do to bring Blood Mountain more business?


Your Blood Mountain Retreat


Deer Cabin
Deer Cabin porch view.

Breathtaking views. Roaring waterfalls. Pristine, glass-like Lakes. Rich history. Cool summer temperatures. White, powdery winters. Luxuriously simple, rustic cabins. Comfortable. Affordable. Alive.

Experience all of this, along with unlimited access to local hiking, camping, fishing and hunting, when you stay with us…

Discover the serenity of North Georgia.

Complementary Luxuries:

  • Free Wi-Fi. Share your experience with friends and family.
  • Stay comfortable with central heating and air.
  • Wood-burning fireplaces make for a cozy, romantic ambiance.
  • Full kitchen and spacious bath.
  • Flip the game on with satellite TV.
  • All linens, toiletries and paper products provided. Just bring your adventurous spirit.
Mountain Lion Cabin
Mountain Lion Cabin loft.

Cabin Kitchen

All cabins guaranteed to comfortably accommodate four, potentially six guests. Enjoy a well-deserved, much needed, romantic get away, a family retreat, or split the cost and enjoy a vacation with five of your closest friends.

Act fast and reserve today! Blood Mountain Cabins are in high demand and rates can go up.

Two night minimum, or three during the month of October and during all major holidays – exceptions can be made if vacancies are available.

Call us now at ***-***-9454.

Our affordable rates:


Check in: Any time after 2:00pm.

Check out: Before 11:00am.

Tax included in list price. Be sure to check the specials available to you on week days, and follow usfacebook thing on Facebook for last-minute, exclusive updates on pricing.

All cards accepted when you reserve or check in.

See you at check-in!


But, that’s all I have for you on this page!

But, please… whether this is your first time hearing about copywriting… or you’re already sold… check out my free 5-day copy crash course.

And, if you haven’t already, I suggest grabbing my copywriting cheat sheet from the header menu…

Thank you and welcome,


Copywriting Crash Course Now

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