How To Break Into Any Copywriting Niche In One Week… Without Spending Another Second Searching For Clients

Even If You Haven’t Landed A Single Paying Job

Dear LDCC Compadre,

You with me on this?

I’m pretty sure finding those first few clients is the most frustrating part about becoming a copywriter… I know it was for me.

I woke up one morning to an email… from a woman I met at a copywriting seminar, about 4 hours from where I live. Her name’s Katie. Sweet girl.

She only ever had good news, but this wasn’t one of those times…

Katie had spent the last week compiling a list of 72 prospects… full name, company name, department title, company website, personal email… the whole shebang.

She personalized each email. I mean to the T… even pointed out a couple improvements she’d make to the company website! And, offered to be paid after results came through. A real trouper…

Can you relate?

Well… of the 72 emails Kate sent… 46 were opened. And 12 replied. Of those 12? 9 were worded kindly. 3 were interested. And 1 eventually accepted… weeks later.

We’re all familiar with this grind.

Or maybe you’re still in Kate’s shoes…

She does small projects for this client to date, usually between $400 and $700 per. And, I admire her hustle. Truly.

Now… Katie and I, both, are still relatively young in the field. And, while I’ve landed a number of projects myself, I’ve chosen to do it in another way.

Call me lazy or call me efficient. Hell, call me both.

But stressing over where I’d find my next gig wasn’t for me anymore…

This is how to make high-paying clients come to you

They teach us in AWAI, and other expensive programs, that you should go out and spend time at seminars… not just to learn, but to network. This is the best way to break into the field of copywriting… so they say… at seminars.

Well, it’s certainly not what I’ve found…

Perhaps it’s laziness, greed, my aversion to social situations… who knows? It’s just not for me.

And, maybe it’s not for you either… for different reasons of course! You’re not lazy, greedy or socially impotent, right? Maybe you don’t have time to send out 50 emails/week, travel to seminars, or call local businesses every day.

Maybe you prefer to curl up with your copy… enjoy a nice, slow day… and let your creative juices pour out, over the page.

That’s why we became copywriters in the first place, right? To make money writing? It certainly wasn’t to scramble over finding clients.

We became copywriters for the promise of freedom… And, well, the old-school grind doesn’t sound very freeing to me.

“Yeah, networking sucks. So, how do I break into my niche in one week, and have clients come to me?”

Phase 1:

Sell other people’s products as an affiliate, and make commission…

Now… you may be thinking, “yeah, Robert… obviously… affiliate marketing is a decent source of side income. Most of my blog posts include an affiliate link at the bottom, and I make anywhere from 4-20% on each sale.”

But, naw, I’ve got something else for you.

You see… under the old paradigm… the traffic you send to those affiliate links is relatively untargeted. And, once they leave your article, the lead is lost.

But, following this system… well… just check this out:

  • You don’t need a blog… although you should have one as a copywriter… 
  • You don’t need to be seasoned in the art of copywriting (or even mediocre).
  • You don’t need to ask for permission to sell these products. 
  • You make up to 75% commission on each.
  • The entire process is automated (other than your copy, of course). 
  • You don’t have to be a huge tech nerd. Personally, I’m tech illiterate.
  • You work strictly from your computer. 
  • No clients needed.
  • You make your own hours. No deadlines.
  • It works in any profitable niche.

And, the best part? After a week (max) of setup…

  • The system runs on autopilot.
  • You capture qualitfied leads who already desire the solution your link offers.
  • And your income corresponds directly to the quality of your copy.

In fact, if you never want to take on a single client… ever… you could sell products as an affiliate for the rest of your career.

That’s what’s so great about having copy in your toolset… If $100k/year as a copywriter is your goal, it’s perfectly achievable using this system… not one ounce of client work.

Just treat each affiliate partner as though they were a high-paying client. And make 50-75% commission.

All you need is a simple opt-in page, a thank you page, and an autoresponder. Then, you set up the automation, fill it will your copy, and start driving traffic…

Traffic goes in. Money comes out. The more traffic, and the better your copy? The more money you make.

… I’ve read of people making $15k in their first month. Using this exact formula…

It’s literally the simplest thing. Building it takes about a week… hence, “how to break into your niche in one week without networking.” Then, it’s just a matter of driving traffic and keeping your ever-growing audience… well… ever-growing.

But, of course, some of us are more ambitious. We want to see our ads on NYC billboards… or in Forbes.

And, if this is you, I’ve got you covered as well.

Phase 2: 

So, we have 1 or 2 successful affiliate campaigns under our belt. We’ve made a good deal of money, but we want to expand.

One of the great things about this route… specifically for you, as a copywriter… is that selling affiliate products requires a knack for writing copy.

Of course, you could be brand new to writing copy, and do okay as an affilite… But, if you wanna bathe in the Benjamins, you’ll need to write solid copy…

“So, my job just became a bit harder? Why is this a good thing?”

Well, because, if you want to get into phase 2 and make the stupid money, you’re going to need a portfolio.

And affiliate marketing is great for building that portfolio!  

I remember the struggle… “How am I supposed to build a portfolio if no one will bring me on without one?”

And it’s a good question… Without a portfolio, no agency is going to bring you in. And, without a portfolio… you won’t get freelance work (unless you literally give it away for free). Like Katie did.

But, because of phase 1, you can skip that awkward, well-at-least-use-lube stage.

As you make affiliate sales, you’ll begin to rack up quite the impressive portfolio. Then, it’s just a matter of displaying it on your website, adding an “apply to work with so and so” page, and providing your contact information.

Works like a charm…

Of course, you’re going to want a blog at this point. You’ll need a steady source of traffic so people searching “copywriting service” can find you.

One of the best things about this plan though:

If you’ve been building the phase-1 email list for a while… you should have plenty of content for creating a blog. And plenty of qualified leads to send to your blog.

Run phase 2 correctly, and you will not only attract high-paying clients… but your affiliate income will multiply 2x.

As a matter of fact… rather ironically… you’ll find that most of your new clients come through your affiliate funnels. They’ll see you also provide services, and they’ll hit that “apply to work with so and so button” without even thinking…

By providing free value AND by recommending products, you’ve already established yourself as an authority in your niche. And, when people in your niche have a product to sell… they’ll come to you first.

So, there we have it… Phase 1 and 2 of “how to break into your niche in 1 week without networking…”

But, I imagine you have a few questions…

  • How do I choose a product? 
  • How do I earn 75% commission?
  • How do I build each funnel? 
  • How do I automate the process, so I literally don’t have to touch a thing?
  • What if I don’t have a niche yet? 
  • What are the most profitable niches?
  • Why don’t I need to ask for permission before selling?

And we’re getting to these!

I’ve created a 5-day minicourse that dives into each step you need to take in order to hijack this system. AND there’s a video you’re gonna want to watch if you’re at all intrigued.

You’ll have free access to both the course and the video in a couple minutes.

Anyway, let’s continue…

Here’s the 12 kilometer overview of the system that got my copywriting career going:

(I was making sales just 2 weeks after hearing about it.)

Affiliate buisiness model

Step 1: The Opt-In Page

  • Free report, free e-book, checklist, etc…
  • Give away some sort of value in exchange for an email address.
  • Simplicity is key.

Besides the thank you page, this is the only page you will have to create… and it can be done easily using something like Leadpages, Unbounce or Clickfunnels.

Once they opt in to your list, the traffic is automatically redirected to your TYP.

Step 2: Thank You Page 

  • Take them to an article or report discussing the solution to a problem in your niche.
  • Make the content relevant and useful to your target audience.
  • At the bottom, say something along the lines of, “but if you want results twice as fast, here’s such and such product.”

Instant profit… This is how you displace the cost of advertising, and then some.

Step 3: The Autoresponder  

  • Here you’ll queue up a series of automated emails aimed at developing a relationship with your new subscribers.
  • Make affiliate offers but don’t drown them. Focus on building the relationship here. Content, entertainment… free things.
  • “Onboarding.”

Step 4: Broadcast 

  • This is where the money’s at.
  • Send out a free report (or some sort of key insight) to your entire list, all at once.
  • Could be a “rave review,” a promotional letter, video, article, etc.
  • At the bottom, leave an affiliate link to an offer you truly believe will help your new friends.

Step 5: Traffic 

  • Once the system is in place (1 week or less… max), it’s just a matter of driving traffic…
  • This traffic can be bought OR generated for free.
  • FB ads, Adwords, solo ads…
  • Blog or forum commenting, SEO, guest posting, etc.

Traffic goes in… money comes out… simplest formula ever. And the traffic is yours. You own it now.

You can promote to it, nurture it, sell it… whatever helps business the most.

And, as a copywriter, you have an advantage over everyone else using this system. You already know how to write articles and emails that convert…

So, traffic is all that’s left. And, once you’ve optimized your little funnel, you can’t lose. It’s a simple win.

Follow these steps and you’ll never have to network again

If you’re at all interested in…

  • Breaking into your copywriting niche within one week,
  • Making 75% commissions on products you don’t have to build yourself,
  • Owning a list of followers that you can influence at will,
  • Or generating passive income online…

… Then I highly advise signing up for my free 5-day course and video.

Here’s the link.

If you’re tired of the frustrations of client scraping, go check it out now.

Your future clients will see the success you’ve made as an affiliate, and they’ll line up to work with you. No more networking. No more cold emailing… Just you, your copy, and a proven system to make boatloads of cheddar.

This is the system. The key to breaking into your niche fast, and getting paid to do it… The simplest, most efficient method available. Free.

I’ll see you inside,


P.S. The course comes with a bonus, LDCC certified, copywriting cheat sheet. 

So, click that big burgundy button and grab what’s yours…

P.P.S. Due to the level of response so far, I will not be able to keep this course free for much longer! So grab your copy free before your chance is gone…

Start Here!

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