Spec Ad: Alienware Computers



This ad is feature-focused instead of benefit focused. While it might be informative to a computer specialist, the specialists are building desktops from scratch anyway. This sort of advertisement isn’t doing squat for Alienware.


New Alienware Area-51


Any game. Max graphics. Guaranteed. Stand miles apart from your competition with the all-new Alienware Area-51.

Your interest in the Area-51 shows that you are no longer that “filthy casual.” You’ve put in the work and now glory awaits you.

Every true gamer understands the frustrations of choppy frame-rates, low render distance, and “good” terrain detail. In today’s competitive e-sports environment, you can’t afford to miss a single pixel.

Your machine’s performance needs to match your own competitive drive perfectly. Don’t settle for less than you deserve. Here is what you have to gain from the Area-51:

  • Experience life-like FPS.
  • Get the early jump on targets with virtually infinite render distance.
  • Never miss another boss mechanic or environmental effect with perfect graphic detail.
  • Spoil yourself with uncompromising responsiveness no matter what program you’re launching.
  • Record, game and stream simultaneously in 4K resolution.
  • Render 3D models, edit pictures, video or sound without worrying about RAM capacity.
  • Connect wirelessly or wire in with absolute confidence in your end.
  • Cut your GPU’s operating temperature in half.
  • Enjoy Area-51’s sleek, durable, fully accessible chassis.

See detailed feature list here.

With a few clicks, you can now experience your games the way the developers intended. Don’t waste another minute with sub-par performance.

Customize and Add to Cart.



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